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Opening Soon!

We're in the process of ordering all the new products for the shop. We are super excited to be opening next month on Main St. in Sylva, NC. We will be an outdoor/lifestyle store with all your camping, and backpacking needs. We will also be carrying great home items, cute clothing, and tons of shoes! If you have any products you'd like to see in Sylva, don't hesitate to contact us and give your suggestions. The store will be STOCKED with tons of great stuff, but we love to hear from the locals.

Georganna and Logan Seamon are the new owners of Black Balsam Outdoors. They have hiked the Appalachian Trail together back in 2009, and have owned another outdoor store in North Georgia for the past five years. They fell in love with Sylva this past summer when they were visiting the potential new shop, and decided to jump on buying it because they loved the community so much. They will be in and out of the shop the rest of September, and should be there more frequently in October as they move up to Sylva. Please stop by and introduce yourself because they would love to meet you!



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